The Best Food In Greece? You’ll Find It On Santorini

Santorini is known for being breathtakingly beautiful with its aesthetic and cute colored houses, sunsets, and elegant villages that match the ambiance of the weather. When traveling, you must set your schedule for exploring the place. It’s an amazing getaway from all the toil and stress of everyday life. Take a cultural tour with your appetite in Santorini. The place is displaying a lot of distinctive agricultural products. If you’re wondering which dishes or delicacies in Greece would be worth it to try, then go to Santorini and find the best food in Greece.

Here is a list of some of the dishes that you must hunt down.

  • Domatokeftehtes
    • They are their well-known tomato fritters that are freshly picked from Santorini itself. These tomatoes are very fresh and special which couldn’t be found anywhere else. This dish is an appetizer that is available in many restaurants in the area
  • Stuffed Grape leaves
    • These aren’t found only in Santorini but it is considered a part of the Greek culture and is popular for vegetarians.
  • Saganaki
    • This is an addictive fried cheese with filo pastry and honey. Saltiness and sweetness are mixed together and fully complement each other. The pastry is very yummy and topped off for its crispiness.
  • Fava
    • It can be considered the most iconic and popular dish within the area. The dish is made from fava beans with yellow split peas. It is also best served with olive oil and lemon and can be considered a healthy dish. You can find the best one at feggera and selene.
  • Apochti
    • Another traditional food that can be traced way back in history. The pork loin is airdried after being soaked in salt and vinegar. It is also combined with other ingredients to create a variety of dishes.
  • White eggplant
    • This looks like big white eggs that are growing in the bushes. It is unique because of its color and looks that is due to the volcanic soil which gives a more intense flavor than the purple or common eggplants.

So these are just a few examples of the most delicious local treats that you can try in Santorini. There are a lot more to enjoy so exploring and trying new things is now all up to you. Check them out for yourself and decide which is the best food in Greece