If You Love Portuguese Food, You Absolutely Must Visit Porto

Porto is considered to be one of the oldest cities located in Europe and the second largest city in Portugal. This place is known for its river cruises and its port on the Douro River, mesmerizing architectural structures like churches having a Baroque style, and other buildings. Aside from those, Porto is also a wonderful place to visit if you are fond of delicious regional foods.

They have fantastic restaurants around the city that serve good food and wines. While eating, you can have the best view to enjoy. If you plan to travel, make sure to include Porto, Portugal on your list and discover why it is called a city for food lovers. Meanwhile, here are their most popular foods to try.

The best Francesinha sandwich

The recipe of this sandwich was brought to taste since 60’s and has literal meaning which means “little French girl”. This serves to be the comfort food of the Portuguese because its look will never deceive people. The sandwich is made with layers of bread, beef steak, sausages, linguica, ham, and the favorite of most people—cheese. What makes it more exciting to eat is the sauce where the sandwich is dipped and the French fries.

The famous Alheira sausage

This sausage was garlicky when it was first made by the Portuguese Jews, that is why they named it Alheira for it means “garlic”. But as time goes by, its recipes keep on evolving. In the present time, it is made with different spices, pork, chicken, and other meats that can be used. When you buy this, it is usually served with fries, rice, and egg. People loved this Portuguese food more because of the unique aromas it has.

The most treaused Bolinhos de bacalhau

The Bolinhos de bacalhau has a literal meaning which means “codfish cakes”. If you go there and see on the menu the salt cod fritters or salt cod croquettes, do not have second thoughts as it is only the same as Bolinhos de bacalhau. This is made of codfish, eggs, parsley, onions, and potatoes. This Portuguese food can be cooked through fried, baked, or even barbecued.

The famous bread Broa de Avintes

Since bread is the basic food eaten routinely by the Portuguese, a well-known bread was rose to fame, and that is the Broa de Avintes. It was named that way as it was originated from Avintes, the land of bread. This is typically served with starters or soups, but people liked it most with cheese.

The great almond cake Toucinho Do Ceu

If you are big fan of desserts, you must try their famous Toucinho Do Ceu. This almond cake was originated from the northeast of the country and literaly means “Bacon from Heaven”. It has a wonderful taste because of recipes including almongs, eggs, and pork fat.