How To Learn Secrets Of French Cooking: Travel in France

Traveling to different countries can be very exciting and memorable especially if you are with your loved ones. This is not just about seeing beautiful places but you would also want to know more about other people’s culture. In fact, some travelers are willing to spend a couple of months staying in a new country for them to familiarize themselves with the people around. If you are a type of person who loves to cook, then for sure, one of your main goal when travelling around the world is to get ideas on different cuisines and try them too.

Why Lots of People are Interested to Learn Cooking the French Way

If you are interested to learn different cuisines, then France can be an ideal destination for you to go to. The country is known for their 5 star cuisine that will surely satisfy your taste. Yet, if you think that it is complicated to learn how they cook because of their rating, then the answer is no. When it comes to French cooking, the most important thing that you have to focus on is to learn the basics. It is not that difficult and not as scary compared to other ways of cooking. 

Another good thing about French cuisine is that it is healthy. The ingredients are fresh and carefully prepared. Watching videos online on how the foods are done is sometimes not enough for you to learn the techniques. It would advisable that you travel in France and get effective ideas from professional chefs there. In fact, you can already learn the basics if you will try to mingle with people in France and ask them how they prepare their foods. If you are ready with your journey in French cooking, then here are the basics that you should know.

  • Always use quality ingredients for an amazing taste.
  • French people normally go after freshly pick fruits and vegetables.
  • French chefs make use of sharp knives because they have different ways of cutting the ingredients.
  • One of their secrets in cooking is using butter.
  • Preparation is very important in French cuisine wherein they will have to gather and prepare the ingredients before they start cooking. 
  • In France, wasting ingredients is a big NO.
  • Most of the foods in France depend on the use of spices and herbs.
  • They prepare their foods slowly instead of rushing.
  • Layering flavors is one of the cooking rules in France.
  • The serve their foods with lots of sauces.

Considering all of these steps will surely help you prepare a dish popular in France. You just have to be very patient and keep on practicing so you can achieve that French taste. 

Best Italian Food Vacation: Rome vs. Parma

Italy is well-known for its picturesque cities, the preserved ancient ruins, museums, beaches, and other sceneries that will suddenly make you want to book a flight. The country has also wonderful things to offer for those who love foods. Some associate Italy with foods such as pizza and pasta. However, they do not know that there more than the two.

There are a lot of cities to choose from to visit, and it is for certain that all these are worth your money as you can enjoy whatever they have to offer. But what if you only have limited time and you are only given two places to visit, given the fact that you are a foodie? What if Rome vs. Parma is the hardest one?

Rome has thousands of restaurants and menu lists; those are the two reasons why the city is great for foodies. With the given huge number of food places Rome has, it will be hard to choose once you are there, so it will be of great help if you let yourself dive into the food information. Rome is known for its Roman dishes.

If you want to taste the authentic pasta and pizza, Rome is the best place to visit. They have a lot of dishes and recipes for their pasta, and you can never go wrong about them. You will not believe it but pasta carbonara is the top pick of those who tried pasta in the city. The typical carbonara we know has cream-based milk; however, the authentic carbonara does not contain one, only pork, eggs, and cheese.

Who does not love pizza? This is most of the time considered to be the comfort food of everyone. There is this highly recommended pizza called Pizza al Taglio that comes in rectangle shape. The price of the said pizza is based on the toppings.

If you want to explore more of Italy and have a better understanding of their culture, better go to Parma, Italy. The city has been called the gastronomic capital of Italy as it mainly focuses on good food being associated with their culture or the cooking style of Italy.

If you are into ham and cheese, Parma is perfect for you, but expect that there is more to know what you just know. There is this what they call Parma ham that seems to be legendary in all ways. It was shared that the Parma ham was made curing a pork leg for 1 year and so plus the sea salt. You would not believe how it tastes so good and sweet. This is best accompanied with bread and wine.

So, the decision you must make depends on what fit your preferences. Although it is better if you tried both to have an unforgettable and best event of your life. If you are still undecided between Rome vs. Parma, you can just save huge amount of money for the trip.

Top Destinations For Food Trips To Italy

When you’re traveling, local foods are not to be missed – and a food trip is the best way to get the most out of your experience. Trying out a new locality’s specialties is a must for any foodie when visiting an area. These experiences are not only very memorable, but can complete the impression of a destination, city or country.

Italy is known for its distinct cuisine and is the best place to look for diverse cuisine. They have so many popular dishes, which is why trying all of them would be quite impossible for one trip. It is also hard to say which is the best place in Italy that offers the best food, however, you can just enjoy them and be the judge!

Here are 5 of the most recommended places for your food trips to Italy

  1. In Abruzzo, you must try their Arrosticini Abruzzese which are grilled meat skewers from sheep or lamb. When it is removed from the grill, salt is sprinkled in it. The next thing you should try is Cozze Ripiene which are mussels with breadcrumb and eggs inside you can put tomato sauce on top
  • Rome is famous for its Italian pasta. It consists of fresh eggs, a hard cheese, guanciale (or pancetta), and a sprinkle of pepper (You can find it in restaurants like Pane e Salame and le pergola)
  • In Venice, the Tiramisu, which is a Veneto region pudding must be tried.
  • Basilicata tries their Matera bread which is crusty on the inside but has soft crumbs on the inside. It is considered a trademark within the place and some people are considered to be the finest bread you can find. The place also has Orecchiette which is also called little ears and is a famous pasta.
  • Calabria is considered underrated. Don’t underestimate the dishes that come from the place like Nduja which is a delicious salami that has a top-notch creamy texture that has pepperoncino on its top for added spice. Next is Caciocavallo di cimina which is a cheese produced in Calabria that has also been awarded and is considered quite tasty.

There is certainly a lot to Italian food than just pizza and pasta. The country has a wide range of fresh ingredients that are utilized to make delicious and distinct recipes that you might have not yet discovered in your food trips to Italy

Food Tourism In France: Is Bordeaux Better To Visit Than Paris?

If you are still undecided on which city or region is worth your limited time, then it’s definitely Bordeaux. 

Paris is obviously famous around the world for its romantic lifestyle and culture. But when you compare Bordeaux with Paris, the former will surprise you a lot more.

Paris is a dream traveling destination for most people. The ambiance of the beautiful city creates elegant and diverse feelings. It is known for its culture, fashion, and food without any shortage of entertainment. However, if you want to go on a budget trip without sacrificing fun and quality, then Bordeaux would be better. Bordeaux is specifically popular due to their wines. It is a serene and city full of culture that eludes peace. It has a big population that is known for its characteristics of being nonjudgmental and patient. The city also has an artistic vibe and is considered a place for opportunities – and great food.

In comparing these two, you can save a lot more money in Bordeaux. The place is very budget-friendly compared to the high cost of living in Paris. Bordeaux can also offer you a lot and doesn’t lag behind Paris’s commodities. You will find a lot of stacked wines on the shelves. The region demonstrates the very best of the country’s wine culture produces. Traveling agencies have expanded a lot of their available or free options to those who want to travel on a budget in Bordeaux. It is a high-end destination with upmarket shopping, drinking, and dining. A lot of places are good destinations for food tourism. In terms of food trips to France, Bordeaux is a “must”

This is a good list of the places (with their special dishes) to have food trips to France

  • Le Petit Commerce – a bistro that looks nothing special but is known for the savory flavor of its dishes (mostly seafood)
  • Seafood
  • Michel’s – Has a quirky look and has a theme of being a traditional canteen.
  • Crispy potatoes
  • Onion soap
  • burgers
  • Familia – Brasserie des Halles – The name is a tribute to a bar, cinema, and restaurant combined. The ambiance is elegant and the traditional coziness can stimulate the appetite.
  • Sirloin
  • Steak
  • Tuna tartare
  • L’Estacade Restaurant- it is a riverside eatery in the banks of Garonne that specialized in its flavors with its protein-driven dishes.
  • Foie gras
  • Smoked duck
  • Pan fried sturgeon
  • Rest’O – A popular place for vegetarians. The ingredients that made up the dishes are purely organic and fresh
  • Mushroom croquettes
  • Tangy stuffed tomatoes

Culinary Vacations To Europe: How To Pick A Destination

Culinary vacations can be defined as holidays with short trips (perhaps lasting one or several days) where a student will learn a lot of cooking skills like regional and traditional ones. It is an excite way to explore various kinds of cooking methods and local dishes, and learning their significance.

Cooking school vacations are a near-ideal method to obtain a thorough but brief introduction to a specific cuisine or international locale. Italy is one of the most popular cooking vacations, since the country is known for its regional cuisines.

Things you must consider when planning for a culinary vacation in Europe:

·   Budget – Culinary tourism has developed so much and that includes its cost. The amount of money you have will determine what kind of trip you can have or where. So you have to decide the specific experience or skills you want to gain and match it with your financial capacity

·   Post-trip – You should plan how to actually carry or bring that culture with you to your place. Whether it is a skill, a recipe, an awareness of cultural significance, you should question how you will be able to utilize it

·   Purpose – You should choose the one you are interested in or what culture you would like to learn. Each part of Europe has its own unique dishes. Narrow down your goals and concentrate on the specifics.

Here are some of the great destinations in Europe and their specialties

  • Palermo, Italy – Pane’ ca meusa
  • Lyon, France – Bocuse d’Or
  • Girona, Spain – paella ( el celler den can roca resto)
  • Modena, Italy– salumi
  • Amsterdam (the Netherlands) – breaded balls of ragout and patat oorlog with mayo
  • Naples, Italy – timballo di maccheroni
  • Berlin, Germany– currywurst
  • Prague, Czech Republic – beer and fried cheese
  • Florence, Italy –bistecca alla fiorentina
  • Venice, Italy – Cicchetti and ombre

So take a pick with this list given to you. These are places that foodies out there will be delighted to explore. Try to mingle with the locals and learn a great deal about the location and its people while being able to produce a keepsake. It’s entirely up to you where you fill your knowledge in learning to satisfy your taste buds, from street cuisine to gourmet dining. Culinary vacations can become one of the best experiences in your life. There is a saying that the world is your plate, so eat, drink, and experience the taste of Europe!

The Best Food In Greece? You’ll Find It On Santorini

Santorini is known for being breathtakingly beautiful with its aesthetic and cute colored houses, sunsets, and elegant villages that match the ambiance of the weather. When traveling, you must set your schedule for exploring the place. It’s an amazing getaway from all the toil and stress of everyday life. Take a cultural tour with your appetite in Santorini. The place is displaying a lot of distinctive agricultural products. If you’re wondering which dishes or delicacies in Greece would be worth it to try, then go to Santorini and find the best food in Greece.

Here is a list of some of the dishes that you must hunt down.

  • Domatokeftehtes
    • They are their well-known tomato fritters that are freshly picked from Santorini itself. These tomatoes are very fresh and special which couldn’t be found anywhere else. This dish is an appetizer that is available in many restaurants in the area
  • Stuffed Grape leaves
    • These aren’t found only in Santorini but it is considered a part of the Greek culture and is popular for vegetarians.
  • Saganaki
    • This is an addictive fried cheese with filo pastry and honey. Saltiness and sweetness are mixed together and fully complement each other. The pastry is very yummy and topped off for its crispiness.
  • Fava
    • It can be considered the most iconic and popular dish within the area. The dish is made from fava beans with yellow split peas. It is also best served with olive oil and lemon and can be considered a healthy dish. You can find the best one at feggera and selene.
  • Apochti
    • Another traditional food that can be traced way back in history. The pork loin is airdried after being soaked in salt and vinegar. It is also combined with other ingredients to create a variety of dishes.
  • White eggplant
    • This looks like big white eggs that are growing in the bushes. It is unique because of its color and looks that is due to the volcanic soil which gives a more intense flavor than the purple or common eggplants.

So these are just a few examples of the most delicious local treats that you can try in Santorini. There are a lot more to enjoy so exploring and trying new things is now all up to you. Check them out for yourself and decide which is the best food in Greece

If You Love Portuguese Food, You Absolutely Must Visit Porto

Porto is considered to be one of the oldest cities located in Europe and the second largest city in Portugal. This place is known for its river cruises and its port on the Douro River, mesmerizing architectural structures like churches having a Baroque style, and other buildings. Aside from those, Porto is also a wonderful place to visit if you are fond of delicious regional foods.

They have fantastic restaurants around the city that serve good food and wines. While eating, you can have the best view to enjoy. If you plan to travel, make sure to include Porto, Portugal on your list and discover why it is called a city for food lovers. Meanwhile, here are their most popular foods to try.

The best Francesinha sandwich

The recipe of this sandwich was brought to taste since 60’s and has literal meaning which means “little French girl”. This serves to be the comfort food of the Portuguese because its look will never deceive people. The sandwich is made with layers of bread, beef steak, sausages, linguica, ham, and the favorite of most people—cheese. What makes it more exciting to eat is the sauce where the sandwich is dipped and the French fries.

The famous Alheira sausage

This sausage was garlicky when it was first made by the Portuguese Jews, that is why they named it Alheira for it means “garlic”. But as time goes by, its recipes keep on evolving. In the present time, it is made with different spices, pork, chicken, and other meats that can be used. When you buy this, it is usually served with fries, rice, and egg. People loved this Portuguese food more because of the unique aromas it has.

The most treaused Bolinhos de bacalhau

The Bolinhos de bacalhau has a literal meaning which means “codfish cakes”. If you go there and see on the menu the salt cod fritters or salt cod croquettes, do not have second thoughts as it is only the same as Bolinhos de bacalhau. This is made of codfish, eggs, parsley, onions, and potatoes. This Portuguese food can be cooked through fried, baked, or even barbecued.

The famous bread Broa de Avintes

Since bread is the basic food eaten routinely by the Portuguese, a well-known bread was rose to fame, and that is the Broa de Avintes. It was named that way as it was originated from Avintes, the land of bread. This is typically served with starters or soups, but people liked it most with cheese.

The great almond cake Toucinho Do Ceu

If you are big fan of desserts, you must try their famous Toucinho Do Ceu. This almond cake was originated from the northeast of the country and literaly means “Bacon from Heaven”. It has a wonderful taste because of recipes including almongs, eggs, and pork fat.