Best Italian Food Vacation: Rome vs. Parma

Italy is well-known for its picturesque cities, the preserved ancient ruins, museums, beaches, and other sceneries that will suddenly make you want to book a flight. The country has also wonderful things to offer for those who love foods. Some associate Italy with foods such as pizza and pasta. However, they do not know that there more than the two.

There are a lot of cities to choose from to visit, and it is for certain that all these are worth your money as you can enjoy whatever they have to offer. But what if you only have limited time and you are only given two places to visit, given the fact that you are a foodie? What if Rome vs. Parma is the hardest one?

Rome has thousands of restaurants and menu lists; those are the two reasons why the city is great for foodies. With the given huge number of food places Rome has, it will be hard to choose once you are there, so it will be of great help if you let yourself dive into the food information. Rome is known for its Roman dishes.

If you want to taste the authentic pasta and pizza, Rome is the best place to visit. They have a lot of dishes and recipes for their pasta, and you can never go wrong about them. You will not believe it but pasta carbonara is the top pick of those who tried pasta in the city. The typical carbonara we know has cream-based milk; however, the authentic carbonara does not contain one, only pork, eggs, and cheese.

Who does not love pizza? This is most of the time considered to be the comfort food of everyone. There is this highly recommended pizza called Pizza al Taglio that comes in rectangle shape. The price of the said pizza is based on the toppings.

If you want to explore more of Italy and have a better understanding of their culture, better go to Parma, Italy. The city has been called the gastronomic capital of Italy as it mainly focuses on good food being associated with their culture or the cooking style of Italy.

If you are into ham and cheese, Parma is perfect for you, but expect that there is more to know what you just know. There is this what they call Parma ham that seems to be legendary in all ways. It was shared that the Parma ham was made curing a pork leg for 1 year and so plus the sea salt. You would not believe how it tastes so good and sweet. This is best accompanied with bread and wine.

So, the decision you must make depends on what fit your preferences. Although it is better if you tried both to have an unforgettable and best event of your life. If you are still undecided between Rome vs. Parma, you can just save huge amount of money for the trip.