About Me

Hello, I am Carl and I am currently a 24 year old food tour vlogger from Manila but currently residing in Barcelona, Spain. I have done an extensive food tour here in Europe and let me just tell you its a very awesome adventure and I cant wait to discover more exciting places as well as their famous dishes. I love to eat just about any food a place is popularly known for.

While Europe is a fun place, I intend of expanding my itinerary – going back to Asia and visit the neighboring countries as well as in Africa and South America. In fact, as of this writing I am heading off to Casablanca next week, and I am eager to try those fabulous Moroccan dishes.

Aside from vlogging, I am also a game streamer – I used to stream a lot of Mobile Legends and CODM but lately I just love to tour the world and discover the delicious food each and every corner has in store.